Option Sigma s.r.o. is a founding member and the competence centre for Mental Supremacy within the Option Group.

Aiming for Mental Supremacy lets our clients discover new ways to maximize their performance and also their ability to change and to reach a higher level of dynamism.

Option Sigma s.r.o. stands for the new generation in personal and corporate development, understanding not only the conventional ways to consult and train attitudes and behaviour but offers new methods and processes enabling our clients to reach a new higher level of dimension.



Welcome note

Dear clients & partners

“L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux“ let us Antoine de Saint – Exupéry understand by his little prince. We invite you in the same way to visit our site while we know we can not give you more than a glimpse of what the Option Group can do for you.

This site appeals to the common sense regarding the nature of vitality of systems and their financial performance: We must not insist on results and figures as long as the base for success has not been established first.

Therefore we give you this operation manual according to the little prince’s advice: visit our site by reading between the lines to find out if our values and methods are suitable for you. No matter if you have a demand, a goal or a wish as a professional sports person or a manager.. read it with your heart!

Yours faithfully

Lic. jur. Sven Patrick Stecher

Founding partner & Executive